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Stargate SG-1, Season 3

I've finished the counting for Stargate SG-1, Season 3, and made a page at the wiki for it.

I've also discussed it (and encouraged people to come on over to the comm) on my journal!
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Looks great! The Fail-# worked out very well, and I like how you've handled the totals and averages at the bottom of the page.

Since I've got you captive (kind of) do you mind if I ask how you've been handling the HTML tables? I'm just curious if you use a code generator, write it yourself, and how you get it into the wiki -- copypasta in the Rich Text editor or the HTML source page, or something else? Figuring out how it's easiest for people to add charts will play a big part in the formatting guidelines.
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Aha! So the table generator works? :D I'm just going to pretend I knew that. . . . :D

Do you create your tables directly in Excel? If so, the copy/paste works really well, it even keeps formatting like row colors and the like. But since the table generator works well enough that we don't have to deal with any raw code it'll do for the formatting guidelines.

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I think from a little experimenting I did regarding something else entirely, copy/paste to and from Excel does not produce useful tables, alas.

They might have changed some of their internal code, because it works now. The table cells are still editable and you can add new rows, although they won't have alternating colors anymore. You can see my test here. I haven't been able to get anything from Google Docs to work, unfortunately.