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[personal profile] dira2009-05-13 01:12 pm

Stargate SG-1, Season 3

I've finished the counting for Stargate SG-1, Season 3, and made a page at the wiki for it.

I've also discussed it (and encouraged people to come on over to the comm) on my journal!
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[personal profile] ceresi2009-05-11 11:17 pm

Welcome to Characters Count (Dreamwidth remix)

All right, it's been a very long few weeks since I last buckled down and got anything done on the site. I decided to create a community as an easier way for everyone who's interested to get in touch or leave comments; let me know your thoughts, and if anything isn't working for you, just let me know. (P.S. we have a tentative logo! What do you guys think? Feel free to be harsh, I'm new to logo design and you couldn't possibly be worse than some of my professors, who regularly make grown adults cry like little, little children.)

Our first priority is developing a mission statement, followed by finalizing the formatting guidelines. I've done some research into mission statements and have come up with a quick outline about what the site is and what our mission and goals should be. Find it beneath the cut!

mission statement )

As for the formatting guidelines . . . pbwiki isn't as flexible as it could be in this area, particularly when it comes to creating and editing tables. For anyone who's added a table to the wiki -- how easy did you find it? Did you use the HTML editor page or the Rich Text editor?